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Tickler Notes Updated

It is now possible to modify the Created On date and time for Tickler Notes. Some clients enter Tickler Notes all at once, and need to be able to specify the date the note applies to. As before this update, if you leave this field blank, the current date and time will be saved.


Duplicate Event Function Enhanced

When duplicating an existing Event, you may now modify Activity Numbers, Titles and Descriptions - and have those changes trickle down through the newly created Activity, Registration Forms (including drop-down controls) and Activity CEU records.


Paid Invoices -> Category Triggers Added

You are probably already aware of the PaidThru date triggers within the invoicing system. These triggers cause the PaidThru date of the Ship-To or Bill-To Contact to be updated once the invoice is paid in full. This provides a handy way to update PaidThru dates automatically, once full payment is received. We recently expanded the trigger fields to include the Category, SubCategory1 and SubCategory2 fields. So when an invoice is paid in full, you can have the system automatically update those category fields. For example, a new membership application may initially create a new Contact with a category of 'Prospective' or 'Pending'. But when it is paid in full, the Category can be updated to 'Active Member'. Contact us if you'd like more details about this new feature. You can also review the on-screen pop-up help text too.


Cookies Consent Panel Available

It is now possible to add the 'Cookies Consent' dialog to your website. This panel is typically placed on your home page, but it can be placed on multiple landing pages. The panel displays the message "This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience possible." End users then must click the 'Got it!' button to acknowledge the notification. Once they have done this, the message will no longer appear, unless they switch to a different web browser, or clear their saved cookies. Contact us if you'd like to add this to your website, or if you would like more information. Since it can also be perceived as a nuisance or interruption, we have not globally turned this notification on for all clients. You may choose whether or not you'd like to see it on your website(s).


Input Forms: View Completed Forms Improved

When viewing a Completed (Input) Form, the user interface has been overhauled and updated to more easily be read on mobile devices. The print function also prints a more refined, clean output of the information.

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