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We will be working remotely today due to a snow emergency in our area.
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Software Updates
Updates are made frequently. For brevity, we've omitted the more technical updates below.


Work with Events & Work with Registrations > Choose Event - Quick Search Window Update

The quick search windows at the top of the 'Work with Events' and 'Work with Registrations > Choose Event' screens have been updated. You may now enter an event number, event tag, or part of an event title. This makes it particularly quick to locate a specific event or group of events. Search results are now filtered, based upon your search criteria. Prior to this change, the search results were not filtered, they were only highlighted if they matched the search criteria.


View Completed Forms > Show/Hide Form Details

When viewing the index of Completed Input Forms it is possible to see every piece of information entered on the form. This feature was previously accessible on the 'Search' screen, by clicking the 'Show Form Details' checkbox. We updated the software so that this feature may now be turned off and on with a click of a button at the top-right corner of the list. Look for the light blue button labeled 'Show Form Details'. Give it a try!

Upcoming Events

 May 2024 
May 27, 2024

Memorial Day - Office Closed

Office closed in observance of Memorial Day.

July 4, 2024

Independence Day - Office Closed

Office closed in observance of Independence Day.

September 2, 2024

Labor Day - Office Closed

Office closed in observance of Labor Day.