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Don't Be Fooled! Great Marketing Does Not Equal Great Service

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." ~ Wizard of Oz

Other AMS providers are constantly marketing to our clients, trying to win over their business. Their emails are slick, relentless and promise that if you use their product, your membership growth will be unbelievable, your staff will be ecstatic and you'll save a boatload of money.

The real truth is... great marketing doesn't equal a great service. The responsive, personal service you receive on a daily basis is what really matters. Sure, there are secondary ingredients, like... system speed, reliability and ease of use. But even the best product without great service doesn't endure as an effective solution.

Our marketing strategy is simple: "Treat current clients well and they, in turn, will tell others". That has worked well for over 30 years!

We don't want thousands of clients, like some of our competitors have. And you don't want to be treated like you are one of thousands either! When you need help, you need it promptly! That's the most common complaint we hear from prospective clients shopping for a new solution.

Remember the old adage: "First time buyers buy on price, second time on service."

Thank you for our on-going, excellent business relationship.


Invoice Receipt Online Payment Details Window Updated

When viewing an invoice's online payment details, the credit card number (last 4 digits) and the Payee Company Name are now displayed. Some of the detail items have also been reordered or renamed for accessibility. Note that we do not store full credit card numbers anywhere within our database.


Duplicate Event Function Enhanced - Part 2

When duplicating an existing Event, you may now modify Activity Dates and Activity Times and have those changes trickle down through the newly created Activities, Registration Forms (including drop-down controls) and Activity CEU records.


Tickler Notes Updated

It is now possible to modify the Created On date and time for Tickler Notes. Some clients enter Tickler Notes all at once, and need to be able to specify the date the note applies to. As before this update, if you leave this field blank, the current date and time will be saved.


Duplicate Event Function Enhanced

When duplicating an existing Event, you may now modify Activity Numbers, Titles and Descriptions - and have those changes trickle down through the newly created Activity, Registration Forms (including drop-down controls) and Activity CEU records.


Paid Invoices -> Category Triggers Added

You are probably already aware of the PaidThru date triggers within the invoicing system. These triggers cause the PaidThru date of the Ship-To or Bill-To Contact to be updated once the invoice is paid in full. This provides a handy way to update PaidThru dates automatically, once full payment is received. We recently expanded the trigger fields to include the Category, SubCategory1 and SubCategory2 fields. So when an invoice is paid in full, you can have the system automatically update those category fields. For example, a new membership application may initially create a new Contact with a category of 'Prospective' or 'Pending'. But when it is paid in full, the Category can be updated to 'Active Member'. Contact us if you'd like more details about this new feature. You can also review the on-screen pop-up help text too.


Cookies Consent Panel Available

It is now possible to add the 'Cookies Consent' dialog to your website. This panel is typically placed on your home page, but it can be placed on multiple landing pages. The panel displays the message "This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience possible." End users then must click the 'Got it!' button to acknowledge the notification. Once they have done this, the message will no longer appear, unless they switch to a different web browser, or clear their saved cookies. Contact us if you'd like to add this to your website, or if you would like more information. Since it can also be perceived as a nuisance or interruption, we have not globally turned this notification on for all clients. You may choose whether or not you'd like to see it on your website(s).


Input Forms: View Completed Forms Improved

When viewing a Completed (Input) Form, the user interface has been overhauled and updated to more easily be read on mobile devices. The print function also prints a more refined, clean output of the information.


'Hidden' Features

We regularly receive phone calls or emails from clients requesting new features or functionality... only to find out that we already have that functionality built-in -or- available as a custom add-on that we can tailor for your specific needs. If there are things you'd like to be able to do, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Chances are, that functionality already exists. If it doesn't, we can build it or include it in future improvements to the system.


Time Zone Support Added

Calendar items and Events now include support for specifying the Time Zone where the event is taking place. This Time Zone is used by the 'Add to Calendar' button displayed on the Calendar details, or the final Registration 'thank you' screen. When an end user clicks the button, the start and end times are automatically adjusted for their local Time Zone when the item is added to their calendar. If you leave the Time Zone field blank, the system uses your default setting. You can set the default Time Zone for your organization within the Administrator Settings. If the default setting has not been set, the system assumes the 'America/Detroit' (Eastern) Time Zone.


Contacts Dashboard Improvements

The Contacts Dashboard report has recently been improved. We made the charts larger, the legends are easier to read and the printed output is ready for distribution. Legend labels are no longer truncated and aren't prefixed by the order rank number. Pie wedge percentages are now shown on the legend, so they are presented when printing the information. (Prior to this change, you had to hover over smaller wedges in order to see the percentages.) Each chart is printed on a separate page and the output may be printed in portrait or landscape (recommended) mode.


Contact Login History Counts by Year Added

When viewing a Contact record, we've added the ability to view login counts by year. Simply click the 'Show History' link next to the 'Login Count:' at the top right side of the Contact screen. The history shows login counts for each year 2013 and later, beginning with the first year that the Contact logged into the system. If the Contact record was created prior to 2013, it is possible that the total login count shown may exceed the sum of each individual year.


E-Bulletin Recipients Export Fields Enhanced

When viewing the recipients of an E-Bulletin, you can export a CSV file by clicking the 'Export Data' button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. We recently added basic Contact information fields to this export, so it is similar to the export found on the View E-Bulletin Stats screen.


reCAPTCHA Added to Blog Comments Form

Similar to the changes recently made to add improved security measures to the Input Forms module, we've also added similar measures to the Blog Comments screens that are public-facing. The goal is to thwart robots (a.k.a. 'bots') from attempting to submit false data into the database. For more specific details, please refer to the recent post on how we added this functionality to the Input Forms module.


Limit Website Content Access to Event Registrants

You can now limit access to your website content (e.g. pages, articles, documents, news sections, etc.) to Event Registrants. For example, you may want to only allow access to certain pages or documents to those who are registered for a certain Event. We can now quickly and easily set this up for you. You may also restrict access to certain (News/Calendar, etc.) sections by Section ID. Please call us if you'd like more information.


Committee and Offices Interface Improvements

We recently overhauled the way Committee and Office positions held are displayed within the Contacts module. You'll notice that it is much easier to visualize Committee and Subcommittee participation. When adding or editing positions, the pop-in window appears at the top of the positions held list, rather than at the bottom. When showing or hiding the Committee/Position History, the system now positions that section of the Contact information at the top of your web browser screen too. Our goal is always make minor refinements that don't disrupt your memorized flow of how the information is presented.


reCAPTCHA Added to Create New Account Screens

Similar to the changes recently made to add improved security measures to the Input Forms module, we've also added similar measures to the Create New Account screens that are public-facing. The goal is to thwart robots (a.k.a. 'bots') from attempting to submit false data in order to set up a new Contact record. For more specific details, please refer to the recent post on how we added this functionality to the Input Forms module.


reCAPTCHA Added to Input Forms

We've added a double-layer of new security to the Input Forms module. The first layer incorporates Google invisible reCAPTCHA. It is 'invisible' because it automatically detects when bots are entering data into the form without having your members click an 'I am not a Robot' prompt - or having to identify all of the pictures in a mosaic that contain a specific object. The second layer of security is a 'handshake' that is required between the end user's screen and our servers. In other words, a hacker could not set up a form and try to submit data to our server, because each form request contains a unique token that we issue when the form is first requested. Make sense? Well, if not, just know that we are now able to prevent almost all, if not all, of the robot-completed forms from being submitted. Believe it or not, a bot tries to complete a form about every fifteen minutes on one of our client websites. Of course, this only applies to publicly available forms. We plan to add reCAPTCHA to other publicly available prompts, such as online directory prompts, in the near future.

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