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Mid-Year Update > We're Moving to the Cloud!


We've been so busy working on setting up new clients and migrating the WebSuite2 system to Amazon Web Services, that we've not posted any updates to the 'What's New' area for a very long time.

This Thursday evening is our target cutover time to make the switch to the Amazon Cloud. Instead of running on our own physical servers, we will leverage Amazon's massive infrastructure to host the WebSuite2 application and your data in a highly secured virtual private network. Our goal is to make this switch as smooth and transparent as possible for you and your members, minimizing any downtime necessary. The goal is zero downtime.

Amazon Cloud provides many valuable improvements to WebSuite2. Here are two key features:

  • Co-location services. If, for any reason, the WebSuite2 service was unavailable from Amazon in one area of the country, the service would automatically be available from a different area - with no down time.
  • Amazon services can rapidly scale up and down. So, if demand for the system increases dramatically, Amazon will spool up additional servers, which allows WebSuite2 to handle more requests.

More news later...

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